NPM Grants & Awards

We are critically aware of the importance of sharing research outcomes with appropriate communities and audiences, user groups and stakeholders – our Māori communities especially – so positive change can be achieved. We also support student development and excellence and emerging researchers in the field of Indigenous research and build capacity and capability through our programmes, activities and with scholarships, awards and specific training initiatives.

All grants and awards have formal application processes and assessment criteria - check each grant or award's criteria and apply online.

Current Opportunities

Summer Internships 2020-2021 - Open for Student Applications
Fulbright-NPM Graduate Award
Fulbright-NPM Scholar Award
Borrin-NPM Legal Research Internship Award



Fulbright-Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Graduate Award

Grant Status: 

Fulbright New Zealand calls for applications to a range of awards for New Zealand academics, artists, teachers and professionals to undertake academic and cultural exchanges to the United States of America. A Fulbright exchange provides life-changing opportunities to gain international experience and advance your career, to explore America, to share your culture and to make friends and colleagues from around the world.

Fulbright-Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Travel Awards in Indigenous Development April Round

Grant Status: 

Applications for this round close 1st April 2013. These awards, valued at up to NZ$5,000 are for New Zealand academics, artists or professionals to visit the United States of America for 12 to 90 days in order to present their work on a theme of indigenous development to American audiences. A small number of awards are granted each year.

Gravida-Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga PhD Scholarship

Grant Status: 

Through the new Gravida-Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga PhD Scholarship Fund, support is available for an outstanding postgraduate student engaged in research into an early start to life and fostering te pā harakeke (fostering healthy and prosperous Māori families). This research should be concerned with understanding what keeps a family well and prospering, and the barriers to families flourishing.

Māori Economic Development Request For Proposals 2014

Grant Status: 

Requests for Proposal are now closed for 2014 NPM seeks to invest in research projects focussing on its research priority ‘Optimising Māori Economic Performance’ that aligns to its research direction. The total maximum budget available per project is $150,000 (fully costed, exclusive of GST, over 12 months). Funding is available for a 1 December 2014 commencement date.

Expanding Excellence (investment for further impact)

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga (NPM) is investing to extend the potential, value, outputs and outcomes of pre-existing NPM projects. This investment will enable researchers to address questions and aspects of their research project/s that have emerged during the course of conducting the initial project supported by NPM. The process comprises a proposal to award process only, whereby NPM will assist the researchers/teams to develop excellent plans to ensure greater output and outcomes of their research.