NPM Grants & Awards

We are critically aware of the importance of sharing research outcomes with appropriate communities and audiences, user groups and stakeholders – our Māori communities especially – so positive change can be achieved. We also support student development and excellence and emerging researchers in the field of Indigenous research and build capacity and capability through our programmes, activities and with scholarships, awards and specific training initiatives.

All grants and awards have formal application processes and assessment criteria - check each grant or award's criteria and apply online.

Current Opportunities

Fulbright-NPM Graduate Award
Fulbright-NPM Scholar Award
Borrin-NPM Legal Research Internship Award



Open Research Commissioning (investment in Indigenous Development Research)

NPM seeks to invest in research projects focussing on Indigenous Development Research aligning to its research direction (research priorities). NPM conducts excellent research of relevance to Māori communities. In doing so, we are inspired by a vision which involves harnessing and unleashing the creative potential of Māori to make positive contributions to our world. We foresee positive transformation of Māori communities, and the general community too, to be people and communities of mana: independent and connected, dynamic and harmonious, enjoying an excellent standard of living.