Dr Diane Ruwhiu

Diane teaches strategic operations and supply chain management at under and post-graduate levels. In addition, she also introduces Māori values and practice into other areas, such as entrepreneurship, research methods, business communication, and organisations and sustainability.

Diane's PhD, 'The Sleeping Taniwha: Exploring the practical utility of kaupapa Māori in firm performance', engaged with the premise that improved Māori firm performance and sustainable advantage, are not merely an outcome of economic activity, but are also determinants of the value derived from combinations of distinct Māori socio-cultural resources and capabilities.

Other research questions of specific interest to Diane are:

  • What does an Indigenous perspective of practice offer our understanding of organisational practice?
  • How do social-cultural resources and capabilities inform business practice?
  • What are specific characteristics of clusters or networks based around Indigenous groups?
  • What are the socio-cultural dynamics that influence relationships management between general and Indigenous organisations?
  • What forms of traditional Māori exchange are evident today and how do they add value?