Rachel's training has been multi-disciplinary, incorporating the fields of organisation, consumption, leadership and economic theory and practice. She has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Management, Organisation Behaviour, Māori Enterprise, Sustainability, Business, Culture and Society, Business Ethics and Sustainability.

Rachel is currently investigating the “Romance of Sustainability; enchantment, illusion, entrapment and re-enchantment”. This is examined in the context of management, consumption and leadership theory and practice. She is also co-leading a longitudinal research project “Echoes from the future, status and sustainability in new lifestyle trends” and is supervising a cohort of postgraduate and doctoral students whose interests cohere around business in society and business futures.

Her research activity also includes Māori organisation and enterprise (with a recent focus on the dynamics of Māori careers and leadership in the creative industry), leadership for sustainability (with a specific focus on global initiatives involving universities) and spirituality at work.

Research interests: Sustainability, socio-economic trends, Māori organisation and enterprise.