Pae Tawhiti Rautaki Whakaaweawe

Pātai Te Ao Māori

We, the delegates of the International Indigenous Climate Change Summit (IICCRS), gathered from November 13th to 17th, 2023, recognize the profound climate crisis facing our world and its dire consequences for Indigenous peoples, our lands, and the global ecosystem. This communiqué is an urgent message intended for world leaders, policymakers, environmental organisations, and the global community. It underscores the pivotal role of Indigenous voices, ideas, and actionable solutions in addressing climate change.

The International Indigenous Climate Change Summit (IICCRS) communiqué asserts the urgency of the climate crisis and the pivotal role of Indigenous knowledge, wisdom and actions in crafting effective solutions. We implore world leaders and stakeholders to heed these recommendations and act decisively. The survival of planetary ecosystems, diverse cultures, and future generations hinges on our collective commitment to combating climate change and promoting environmental equity. United, our actions today will determine the course of tomorrow.

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