Annual reports

2020-2021 Pūrongo-ā-tau Annual Report | Building the foundations for flourishing Māori futures

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Annual Report submitted to TEC for the reporting period 1 July to 31 December 2021 (6 months).

This is our first report representing the new Matakitenga framework and while it is challenging and complex, it has highlighted in just this short time how engaging and successful this model can be to achieve our vision and mission as a collective and how much more can be achieved over the next 7 years.

Whāia ngā pae o te māramatanga

Ko te pae tawhiti, whāia kia tata

Ko te pae tata, whakamaua kia tina

E puta ai ki te whaiao, ki te ao mārama!

2020-2021 Pūrongo-ā-tau Annual Report | Māori leading NewZealand into the Future

This Annual Report highlights the achievements of our CoRE over the period January 2020 to June 2021. It also marks the end of our TEC funding for the period 2016-2021. Much has been achieved during this time including, importantly, securing further TEC funding for 2021-2028.

Pūrongo Ā-Tau Annual Report 2019: Demonstrating Considerable Contributions

With our 2019 Annual Report NPM once again demonstrates our considerable contribution to Māori scholarship, Māori communities, the field and recognition of Indigenous research as New Zealand’s Māori Centre of Research Excellence. Our work, together with our collective energy and outcomes all contribute to achieving our vision of Māori Leading Aotearoa New Zealand into the Future.

Pūrongo Ā-Tau Annual Report 2018: Extending Horizons and Growing Partnerships

This Annual Report highlights the significant research and activities of NPM's in 2018. With a focus on providing excellent research that will benefit our many communities across the country.  It also highlights our deep partnership with our communities, to sharing and engaging with government and agencies to further impact positve change and policy. More than 350 research outputs were produced last year by our researchers, amongst a full programme of 48 ongoing research projects addressing our research priorities, and multiple wānanga, scholarships and awards, ongoing symposiums and our 8th biennial International Indigenous Research Conference.

Pūrongo Ā-Tau Annual Report 2017: Expanding Partnerships & Success

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga's 2017 Annual Report showcases the expansion of our partnerships, collaboration and success over the year, with newly launched research and the ongoing development of our 15 foundational research projects and seed and scope projects. NPM researchers continued to expand their horizons leading and contributing to new and exciting initiatives, and increasingly building their profiles and growing the importance of Māori-led and influenced research on the national consciousness.

Pūrongo Ā-Tau Annual Report 2016: Enhancing Excellence

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga's 2016 Annual Report highlights our performance and activities for the first year of our new Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) contract, engaging a renewed and collectivised network of 21 partners in an evolved NPM, with a distributed leadership and a new research leadership team. 15 Foundational Research Projects as well as 10 new Seed and Scope projects were commenced and over 300 outputs were produced and delivered from NPM research and researchers.

Annual Report 2015: Delivering Outcomes and Growing our Community

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga's 2015 Annual Report has been published and highlights a year when we delivered real outcomes for iwi, hapū and whānau and enjoyed consistent growth, as well as the increased engagement of our network and wider community. 26 research projects were completed over the course of the year, and the NPM network collectively published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, 15 book chapters, 37 research reports and 9 books. Our online and social media audiences expanded rapidly and we continued to distribute knowledge of our research far and wide. 

Annual Report 2014 : Ongoing Impact and Research Excellence

The Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga 2014 Annual Report highlights the ongoing impact of our research for individual Māori communities across the motu and indeed the nation as a whole. This past year we launched a series of new projects focused on Māori economic performance, published our research widely and produced research outputs that directly influenced the day to day lives of local communities.

Annual Report 2013: Shows Valuable Investment and High Impact

The 2013 Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga (NPM) Annual Report highlights the significant outputs, contributions and outcomes NPM produces through its funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). This past year the centre exceeded expectations and produced very real benefits to Māori and the country. The enormous amount of NPM activity, with hundreds of outputs and distinct research projects and thousands of people involved, continues the efforts of the centre to deliver ongoing value to TEC, its researchers and its communities.

Annual Report 2012

In 2012 our focus was on the continued implementation of our evolved strategic direction to unleash the creative potential of Māori peoples to achieve positive change and transformation through our research priorities and other related activities. We continued to strengthen our ability to connect meaningfully with Māori communities and bring forth their distinctive aspects.