2017 Seed and Scope Research Initiative Launched

NPM announced and launched over $1 million of project development initiatives and post-graduate assistance at the start of September, together with and for its NZ wide research partners and network.

These opportunities will continue to advance Māori research excellence and extend our ongoing programme of delivering innovative and transformative research that contributes to positive change in our communities and the nation as a whole.

The 2017 NPM Seeding and Scoping Projects programme follows on from our highly successful 2016 initiative. Once again we are seeking to develop and commence ten new innovative and inspiring projects that will support research collaborations between our extensive inter-institutional research network of 21 partners and more than 150 Māori researchers.

Our goal with these new projects is to create opportunities to engage with and develop new ideas, collaborate across our network and advance research that demonstrates a credible pathway towards larger long-term projects in the future.

With a total fund of $480,000 over 12 months, this programme of research will add to the more than 25 research projects currently underway here at NPM and continue to foster and support early career, mid career and senior researchers across our Māori network.  

To access more information on these NPM Seeding and Scoping opportunities and to submit your ideas to deliver excellent research initiatives and outcomes, please link to the NPM website here.

Submissions close 25 October and projects are expected to commence no later than March 2018.