Endeavour Fund Success

NPM Researchers have this week been celebrating successful proposals in the 2020 round of the Endeavour Fund, which plays a unique role in the science system through an open, contestable process with a focus on both research excellence and a broad range of impacts.

The fund encourages researchers to sample a diverse range of ideas and conduct excellent research, with transformational potential and seeks to deliver impacts across a range of economic, environmental and societal objectives, and give effect to Vision Mātauranga.

NPM acknowledges the success of Professor Tahu Kukutai, University of Waikato, NPM Principal Investigator, with her teams project Tikanga in Technology: Indigenous Approaches to Transforming Data Ecosystems and also Professor Philipa Howden-Chapman, University of Otago with NPM Co-Director Professor Jacinta Ruru as a named second investigator for the project Public Housing and Urban Regeneration: Maximising Wellbeing.

To read more about these projects link here