The purpose of this proposal is for interns to: - experience the ethos of the Māori & Psychology Research Unit and a culture of research excellence; - enhance their knowledge of indigenous psychology; the process of indigenising psychology; and the task of energising an indigenous Māori psychology. - engage with the research cycle and be active in generating research ideas and proposals for funding. Interns will be located on campus at the Māori & Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato and will: - read and deconstruct 3 chapters from the publication "Toward Psychologies of Liberation", engage in discussion with MPRU researchers to generate concepts and ideas emergent from the New Zealand/Aotearoa/Indigenous context that parallel the ideas referred to in this publication; - assemble New Zealand/Aotearoa/Indigenous exemplars into an indexed digital respository and write a summary of each allocated chapter that points the reader to Māori /Indigenous expressions of a psychology of liberation and transformation; - make a seminar presentation of their work and engage a discussion with MPRU researchers to explore research ideas to be taken into the research proposal writing phase; - prepare a research proposal for the continued development of indigenous psychological knowledge that can be submitted to an external funding agency; and - be invited and supported to make a teaching contribution to an appropriate undergraduate course offering. Read report document below

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