2012 Conference

Indigenous wellbeing as aesthetic ethical acts

Indigenous Affiliation: Tuscarora/Saponi

Troy A. Richardson (Tuscarora/Saponi) is Associate Professor of Education and American Indian and Indigenous Studies at Cornell University. As both a philosopher of education and scholar in American Indian studies, Troy’s research, scholarship and pedagogical efforts centre on expanding the philosophical and conceptual foundations of education to include the intellectual traditions of indigenous and other minoritised communities. He draws particular attention to the epistemological and ontological dimensions of indigeneity as it is revealed in literature, visual culture and non-fiction works by indigenous peoples. More specifically, he theorises the nature of selfhood, ethics, gender, ecology and power from these indigenous intellectual traditions to chart the alternative social and philosophical imaginaries of indigenous peoples. His work helps to reveal the precise operations of a still operative colonialism in Euro-centric intellectualism and knowledge production in research and academic settings.